A Frenchman in New York City

A Frenchman was once visiting New York City. He wished to go for a walk in order to see the city, but he was afraid that he might get lost because he did not know a word of English. So when he left his hotel, he stopped at the first corner and carefully copied in his notebook the name of the street in which his hotel was situated. Then he walked on.

In the end, however, he got lost. After a few hours he went to a police station. At first he could not make himself understand, but at last an interpreter arrived. The Frenchman explained to the interpreter that, although he did not know the name of his hotel, he knew the street in which it was situated. He then "showed the interpreter what he had copied in his notebook. The words, which he had so carefully copied, were "One Way Street".

There were many passengers in the train. In one carriage there was a woman with two children: a little boy and a girl. The children made a lot of noise. One of the passengers said, "Keep your children quiet! I've got a headache because of them". The children's mother answered, "Your misfortunes are not so great as mine. My little girl has just eaten our tickets. The boy has broken the carriage window. I have left my money at home. And we are in the wrong train".


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