Adventure with a Bear

It was a difficult journey. The whole ship was like a ship of glass; everything was covered with ice. Even when the sun was shining, the weather was very cold. There was ice on the coats of the sailors. The sailors were always on deck and were watching for the huge masses of ice. An iceberg could iy appear before the ship in the what moment the ship could hit against such a white mountain in the water. But the darkness, the cold, the unknown seas, the danger night and day could not spoil the good mood of the young sailors. They were brave men and the bravest of all was Raty.

He was always the first who offered his help in the dangerous situation. Everybody knew this, the sailors loved him very much and called him "Reckless Raty". One day the ship was close to a great field of ice. There was a little food on the ship and captain sent a party of men to try to find some animal because they need fresh meat. The sailors knew that it was dangerous, but they went across the ice. They looked for an animal for a long time, but they did not find anything.

At last they decided that it was better to return to the ship, when one of them cried, "Boys, where is Raty?" They could not see him anywhere. At that moment they heard a shot far away to the left. The sailors ran in that direction and found Raty. He was fighting with a big white bear. When the sailors saw the danger, they ran up as fast as they could. Reckless Raty was a favourite on the ship and they were all ready to risk their lives for him. One of the sailors fired. The bullet struck the bear's paw. The wounded bear was afraid of so many men who were running and shouting, and it ran away.

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