Контрольная работа по английскому языку 3 класс «Choose the correct variant»

Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку 3 класс

Choose the correct variant.

1. … name is Tom.

A) Our b) His

2. Look at the children! … names are Don and Ann.

A) Her b) Their

3. … name is Sue.

A) Her b) Its

4. Is … name Bob or Pete?

A) his b) her

5. Are … names Lin and Vicky?

A) their b) my

6. This … my cat, Aaron.

A) am b) is c) are

7. We … best friends.

A) am b) is c) are

8. Look at my pencil. It … brown.

A) am b) is c) are

9. He … my grandpa.

A) am b) is c) are

10. I want … chips.

A) some b) any

11. Have they got … sandwiches?

A) some b) any

12.Where`s the book?

A) It`s Ann`s. b) It`s on the table.

13. This is for your sister!

A) Thank you! B) Let`s go!

14. John is … a sandcastle.

A) making b) painting

15. Is Sasha … a picture?

A) painting b) doing

16. Are you … TV?

A) watching b) having

17. I am … a game.

A) having b) playing

18. Misha's pencils

a) карандаш Миши b) карандаши Миши

19. girls' computer

a) компьютер девочек b) компьютер девочки

20. brother's toys

a) игрушки брата b) игрушки братьев

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