Тест на тему «Happy English. ru 10»


На Тему «Happy English. ru 10»

I Choose the odd word:




Opera house



II Choose the correct verbs:

1. Did the film _____ you so much you can hardly talk after it?

2. The comedy was so funny, we ______ throughout all the film.

3. I don’t know why you ______ him, it must be something personal.

4. All the tickets were ______, so we didn’t buy any.

Come out

Gone out

Sold out

5. A very famous play ______ at the local theatre. Would you like to see it?

Is going

Is on

6. You ________ to translate the article by tomorrow.

7. I _________ the town last week.

Must left

Had to leave

Has to leave

8. This science fiction story _______ fantasy in some way.

Is based up on

Is made of

Belongs to

9. He was _______at the age of 60, but he still has a wish to work.

10. He had to ______ a very complicated story about the robbery to make someone else guilty.

Make up

III Choose the correct words:

1. The _______ you decide what you want, the ______ for you.

Sooner, better

Soon, good

As soon, better

2. The _______ I read the book, the ________ I liked it.

More, most

More, more

Much, more

3. If you want to learn to play the piano, you must _______ a lot every day.

4. I read the ______ of the film I saw and I completely disagree with the critic’s opinion.

5. I heard that he’s one of the most __________ ballet dancers.

6. The book made a really good ______ on me.

7. I’ll never tell her that I’m sorry. It’s beneath my ________.

8. It was a successful premiere, at the end of it the audience burst into _______.

9. There are many famous _____ in this performance.

10. What a _____! It’s the most boring film I’ve ever seen.

IV Choose the correct translation:

1. Тебе надо встать пораньше.

You ought to get up earlier.

You ought to have got up earlier.

2. Однажды теплым июльским утром он пришел и сказал всю правду.

On warm July morning he came and told all the truth.

On a warm July morning he came and told all the truth.

3. You could have saved all your money.

Ты можешь сохранить все свои деньги.

Ты мог бы сохранить все свои деньги.

4. You should have lent him your car.

Тебе следовало бы одолжить ему свою машину.

Ты должен одолжить ему свою машину.

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