Тест по английскому языку People in the family

Задание № 1
Напиши слова в единственном числе.
Model: women – a woman
1. these –
2. those -
3. men –
4. children –
5. wives –
6. mice -
Задание № 1
Прочитай текст.
My Uncle
My uncle’s name is Maxim. He is a teacher. Maxim is a teacher of English. He works at school. He likes his job and his pupils love him. He is nice and clever. Sometimes Maxim is very funny.
My uncle Maxim has got a very big family. They are six: my uncle Maxim, his wife Helen and their four children. They are my cousins: Tim and Tom, Ann and Nan. They are all ten. They have got six pets! They are six red ponies and the family likes to ride them in the park.
Задание № 2
Ответь на вопросы.
1. What is his uncle's name? -
2. What is he? -
3. Does he like his job? -
4. Do the pupils love uncle Maxim? -
5. Has Maxim got a little family? -
6. How many songs has Maxim got? –
7. Where do they ride their ponies? -

Задание № 1
Найди «лишнее» слово и зачеркни его.
Model: winter, autumn, spring, wife, summer
1. brown, happy, black, red, grey
2. sister, uncle, aunt, friend, granny
3. hockey, ski, sledge, badminton, skate
4. puppy, doctor, engineer, teacher, economist
5. father, uncle, brother, grandfather, sister
6. child, ten, eight, nine, three