Help finding movies by genre

 Nina Khabarova
Help finding movies by genre
I love shows like The Vampire Diaries and Merlin. Something interesting, but not something like Game of Thrones. I hate. Movies about vampires and love, like twilight. Can you help?


Igor Trollev
go to bros there is your movie

Nastya Zhukova
Ancient (Original) (from the creators of the Far East)

Olivia Frazier
The Vampire Diaries Supernatural Grimm Once Upon a Time Original/Ancient Pretty Little Liars Arrow Flash Bones Eternity Constantine Gotham Game of Thrones Castle Wolf Cub The 100 Beauty and the Beast Defenders Sleepy Hollow I-Zombie Daredevil Legends of Tomorrow Ultron Damien 2016 in ch. R. Bradley James (Merlin, Zombie I) Outlander Witches of East End 2015 People Stitchers Whisper Similar films and series can be found on KinoPoisk, KinoKopilka, Google and Yandex. You just need to write "Movies similar to ... or Series similar to ...". Three dots fill in the name of the movie or series.