Twilight: how many movie parts. All about Twilight

The popular vampire saga "Twilight" - all parts in order. You will find out how many parts there are in total in this movie series and how they go in the correct sequence. The list includes not only the chronology of the movies, but also the titles. Read also what are some interesting facts about the franchise.

Twilight (2008)

Vampires, witches and other evil spirits exist only in fairy tales. Or rather, Bella, a high school student, thought so until she moved to the small town of Forks. There she struck up a friendship with a guy who seemed to her somewhat strange. Despite his peculiarities, she fell in love with him. Bella soon learned the secret: Edward is the representative of the vampire family.

To transform into Edward Cullin, Robert Pattinson had his hair dyed, pale makeup applied and brown lenses. By the way, the actor himself has blue eyes.
Kristen Stewart also wore brown contact lenses as she has green eyes.
Ashley Greene's vampire hair is a wig.
To get the role of the vampire Edward, Robert Pattinson specially flew to the United States to the house of the film's director, Katherine Hardwick. She invited him and Kristen Stewart to play a romantic "meadow" scene. So the actor got the part.
Actress Kristen Stewart was recommended to the director by Emile Hirsch, an actor who worked with Stewart in another film, Into the Wild.
The "Never Think" soundtrack was composed by actor Robert Pattinson.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan could have played the vampire Rosalie, but she refused, not wanting to look too mature compared to her partner, Emmett's character.
5,000 actors were considered for the role of Edward. In the end, the choice was between Robert Pattinson, Ben Barnes, Jackson Rathbone and Shiloh Fernandez.
Most of the film was filmed in Portland, with only a small amount in St. Helens.
The interior designers of the Cullen house were inspired by the color scheme of the Arctic wolves.
The school where the events unfolded is real. They call it Kalama High School.
Stephenie Meyer, the author of the adaptations of the novels, was in the scene when Bella and her father entered the cafe. The writer was sitting at the bar with coffee.
Billy Burke insisted his character Charlie have a mustache.
Bella's prom dress was the cheapest of the entire wardrobe of the filming of the first part - it cost $ 20. But Edward's prom suit is the most expensive of all clothes.
"Twilight" became the best-selling film in the history of cinema, as only in the first day the DVD with the film was bought 3 million times.

Twilight. Saga. New Moon (2009)

Edward had to make a very difficult decision as soon as he realized that his beloved was in serious danger. To save the girl's life, the vampire moves away from her and breaks off the relationship, without saying a word about the true reason. Bella is going through a breakup, not finding a place for herself. The only person who dispels her sadness is Jacob. This is a family friend, an Indian living on a reservation with his own secrets. One day, Bella learns that Jacob's clan has spent hundreds of years fighting Edward's vampire family.

Part 1 director Katherine Hardwicke was also supposed to work on New Moon, but she had a disagreement with Summit Entertainment.
Before the filming of the second part, there were rumors that Taylor Lautner, who played the role of Jacob, could be replaced by a more mature actor. As a result, the actor was left.
Actresses Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff really wanted to play some roles in the film, but there were no suitable images for them.
The actors who played the werewolves are all real Indians. They even showed documents to the director, confirming their origin.
Michael Sheen turned down a role in the film for a long time, but director Chris Weitz persuaded him.
New Moon was filmed in Vancouver and then in Italy, in Montepulciano.
In the scenes of Alice's trip in a yellow Porsche on the roads of Italy, a male stuntman replaced her from time to time.
Two yellow Porsches were used in this part, but the creators of the picture could not find identical models. One of them had red pads, and the other had yellow ones. To repaint them in the same color, they spent 5800 euros.
In the scenes on Montepulciano Square, 1,300 residents of this city were involved in the extras.

Twilight. Saga. Eclipse (2010)

Victoria is still thirsty for blood and creates her own army of newly converted vampires who want only one thing - to get enough. Bella became their main target. To save the life of his beloved, Edward has to team up with a wolf pack of werewolves - his worst enemies. And Bella, meanwhile, dreams of conversion, because life without Edward is not sweet to her. But what about Jacob, who she also likes?

In this part, actress Kristen Stewart wears a wig, as she cut her hair short and dyed her hair for The Runaways before filming.
Many fans expressed their outrage at the replacement of Rachelle Lefevre with another more famous actress - Bryce Dallas Howard, as they considered it a commercial move. However, in reality, Summit Entertainment had a conflict with Rachelle Lefevre on the basis of non-compliance with the terms of the contract.
For Bryce Dallas Howard, Eclipse was already the fifth film where she replaced another actress. Previously, she took the place of Kirsten Dunst in The Secret Forest, Nicole Kidman in Manderlay, Lindsay Lohan in The Missing Tear Diamond, Charlotte Gainsbourg in The Terminator 4.
The role of Riley could have gone to Channing Tatum.
David Slade, who directed this installment, was initially against the vampire saga, but when he was announced as director, he quickly withdrew his statements, commenting that it was necessary to promote his films.
According to the director, most of the fight scenes featuring Nikki Reed in the film's climax had to be discarded as they came from the lab underexposed, and the filming schedule was too tight to reshoot.

Twilight. Saga. Dawn: Part 1 (2011)

Bella Swan faces a difficult choice. She has to figure out how to save the life of a child who threatens her existence. He is half human, half vampire. This is a rare species of creatures that few have met. The Cullen family is against the birth of a child, but Bella is determined - she is ready to sacrifice everything to save the baby's life. But will Bella herself survive?

The directing position was offered to Gus Van Sant and also to Mark Waters, but in the end it went to Bill Condon.
In this part of the franchise, you can again see Stephenie Meyer - the author of filmed novels. She is in the guest scene when Charlie walks daughter Bella down the aisle.

Twilight. Saga. Dawn: Part 2 (2012)

Bella became a vampire. Now she has a new life and she has to learn to live with her new nature and tame the thirst for blood. The Cullens help her with this. Renesmee, the daughter of Bella and Edward, appeared in their family. But it turned out that Jacob was captured with this girl. This scares the vampires, but for now, another problem needs to be dealt with - the Volturi will find out about the existence of Renesmee. They are preparing a military campaign.

In the scenes where Renesmee was present, both CGI and real babies were used. The very same actress Kristen Stewart shared that she liked to shoot with real children - so she felt her role better.
Filming of the second part of the final series was filmed in parallel with the first. They were held in the cities of Louisiana, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and in Vancouver (Canada).
Actress Mackenzie Foy, who was 11 years old at the time of filming, got herself a bank of promises on the set, where she put penalty money from actors who had the imprudence to use obscene language.

So, it was Twilight - all the parts in order, as much as there is. The vampire saga differs slightly from the original novels, but the films still got their fair share of movie fame and came out quite interesting. Save this chronological list so you can remember the titles and order of the episodes.


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