Did you like the movie The Twilight Saga Eclipse? Why?

Did you like the movie The Twilight Saga Eclipse? Why?


did not like did not have to look

Der einsame Engel
no, didn't like it. I found the movie to be too long and boring. in general, in my opinion, 2 and 3 parts of the saga came out worse than the 1st

Agree. Part 3 is better than the second, but worse than the first, if you read the book, it is clear that the plot is crumpled. I'm looking forward to part 4

I just read the book .. Well .. Average


Dasha Krutko
I don't understand him)

Pavel Egorov
Horror!!! Yes, this is some kind of garbage movie! Lean, stupid and, if you think about it, harmful to unformed minds that cannot filter what they see. It is these so-called sagas / movies that make people idiots. Will he tell me what semantic load this product of stoned and drunken minds carries? What food for thought? Where is the meaning, idea, strong roles of actors and drama? Yes, it was written in the morning after drinking, forgetting to hangover on the newspaper, a piece of which was used to wipe in the toilet, in which this schizophrenic act was written! Yes, this is for those plants that look at house 2! ATSTOY! So many discs have spent clean and film and time. People REMEMBER - what crap you're watching. Look ---Two Lives, Executioner, Flowers for Algernon

sweet girl
did you like the film!

Gertrude Diphthong
No. The first one was good, but then...

User deleted
Yes, I liked it, because I could not help but like the slide genius ...

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