What kind of fashion went to divide films into 2 parts Why?

 Alex Alex
What kind of fashion went to divide films into 2 parts Why?
For example, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - 2 parts. For what? Always had 1 book - 1 movie. By the way, I didn't like part 1. Then, The Hobbit - as many as 3 films! What kind of perversion is stretching a 400-page book into 8 hours? Yes, any part of the Lord of the Rings is larger than the Hobbit in volume. I went to the first part, I didn’t go to the next 2, I downloaded it. Yes, well, nafig 3 times to go to 1 movie. Next Twilight, The Hunger Games. I really don't like it. There is not enough time, shoot the series, damn it.


money of course

Stacy Future
To make more money.

Who cares
how do you imagine a session in the cinema with a duration of 5 hours? actually Harry Potter is not the best example. the films are so castrated that ideally each part should have been at least 10 hours long, because the book is not small

Sergey Andreev
Because the director wanted to make a film with a more detailed plot of the book, and not compress and cut it to 1 film, which is on average 1.5 hours in total. Yes, and it’s hard to watch a long movie in the cinema if you cram everything into 1 part (as they wrote above)

Otto Mayer
You can’t show the series in the cinema, that’s why they divide the film into parts. For showing in cinemas, it is much more profitable to shoot.

The Gray
Naturally, to earn more money. 2 films make twice as much money as 1

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