Recommend movies, series... Like "Twilight"

 Ksenia Anokhina
Recommend movies, series... Like "Twilight"


Keep Calm
50 shades of grey

The Vampire Diaries

How is Twilight? Is it for vampires to glow in the sun, like a disco ball, instead of burning out?

Ekaterina Gogol-Markova.
The Vampire Diaries Blood - 2015 Vampire Prosecutor Both Seasons Vampire Detective.

Irina Dorozhkina
Ancient True Blood Gate Cub

Lee Lu
best vampire series - "True Blood" "The Vampire Diaries" is just as good, but only the first 4 seasons.

The Vampire Diaries. Wolf cub.

Chistyakova Svetochka
The Vampire Diaries

Olivia Frazier
The Vampire Diaries Grimm Supernatural Castle Arrow Original/Ancient Pretty Little Liars Flash Bones Eternity Constantine Gotham The 100 Beauty and the Beast Defenders Sleepy Hollow I-Zombie Daredevil Legends of Tomorrow Ultron Damien 2016 in ch. R. Bradley James (Merlin, Zombie I) Outlander Witches of East End 2015 People Stitchers Whisper Future People Cloak Ghost Talker Merlin Supergirl Salem Blind Spot Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Scary Tales Google is still full of sites with a list of similar films and series.