Recommend vampire movies

Recommend vampire movies
Preferably not series like "twilight", but full-length films



Vanya Prokhorenkov
Van Helsing

*Vampire Interview* (with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt and Kirsten Dantst)

Nagima Moldolieva
My favorite is - Twilight all parts

Green Pencil
Monsters on vacation

Rock and Roll is My Religion
Wonder Kids: Irregular Wizards

Sergey Shvaro
Dracula 1991, Dracula 2000, Warriors of Light (2009)

another world

Evil and harmful
"Vampires" by Carpenter.

Yuri Popov
The Lost Guys

Boris Slayerov
"The Lost Boys", although I found it a little boring. "Real Ghouls", a comedy, yes, but very worthy. "From Dusk Till Dawn" "Only Lovers Left Alive" BUT this is Jarmusch, not everyone likes him. But Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston are there... and the film is two hours long. Eh... on this from what I know about vampires - everything, ahah.

I don't want to give mass advice, so - Addiction 1995 USA A philosophy student is attacked by a vampire right on the street. Of course, immediately after that, irreversible changes begin to occur in her body and consciousness. But what is interesting: the intellectual potential of the girl is only growing, new abilities allow her to defend her dissertation. However, the protection party turns into a bloody orgy. The girl returns home alone at night 2014 USA The city of Bad City is full of debauchery and crime, death and loneliness. Vampires, prostitutes, drug addicts, pimps, loan sharks and, of course, their own Iranian James Dean live here.

The taste of night