Recommend movies or series with vampires?

 Optimus Prime
Recommend movies or series with vampires?
To be interesting as twilight


Egor Chigarskikh
Look at the catering department

French Revolution

Khilaiya (Kilaya, Bitterness of Autumn)
"Vampire Academy", "Vampires", "Vampire Girl", "Vampire Family"....

rtvfy rtvfy
Vampires of the Middle Strip starts out a little... but by the end of the first episode, the series starts to open up.

Natsu Dragneel
"Queen of the Damned", "Hunger"

Was twilight interesting? The rest means everything is interesting about them. Monsters on vacation for example.

Tatiana Moiseeva
From the outside series

The taste of night

Office Lion
Not about vampires, but about superheroes, essentially the same

Right now the series "Let Me In" and "Interview with the Vampire" are on. The first episode was my personal favorite...

Sofia Shlemenkova
Being Human (TV Series) I hope I remember the name correctly. There is a British version, there is an American one. The American suits me better. Humor is tougher.

Super duper mega alpha centauri
gloomy shadows - a movie about GG, who became a vampire in ancient times due to a witch's curse. waking up in the future...