What is your opinion about the Twilight movie, do you expect the second part?

What is your opinion about the Twilight movie, do you expect the second part?


Avril lavigne
I liked it, I'm waiting for "New Moon" =) ZY. : I also liked the books, interesting)))

James Bond
The film is superfluous. The second part will be soon in my opinion in October November

Haven't watched it but everyone recommends it. I want to read and watch it soon

Dorozhkina Irina
Terrible movie. Hopefully there won't be a sequel.

Alicia Rodriguez
of course!!!! I look forward to it, I have already collected all the fragments that appear on the net. Just now, a message appeared that a new trailer of New Moon was posted on youtube. I will enjoy the evening!

goofy movie. 5 times watched

Maxim Shakhmetov
Too late to hope - they have already launched the 3rd one!

Kim Ludmila
I liked the twilight, but for some reason it seems to me that the new moon will be filmed worse ... we'll see !!

The twilight movie is good, but the book is more interesting) Of course, I'm waiting for the New Moon, Eclipse and Dawn)

the film is cool .. I'm looking forward to the November adaptation of the new moon, but the books are also interesting))

Nastya Artemyeva
oh... I can’t wait, I’ve read all the books at least 5 times, I’ve reviewed countless times twilight, I know by heart all the trailers for the new moon, I’m trying Internet search engines, I cross out the days, I think it’s clear that I’m waiting for this movie :)

Little Hooligan
The book is great, the movie is not so good, I was expecting more.. . naturally looking forward to continuing

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