Did you like the Twilight series? How? What moment/episode?

Did you like the Twilight series? How? What moment/episode?
I liked it when he smelled her and so went nuts ... in general, class


Olia R
I don't like

Evil Baba
is there such a series?

Katerinka Vdovina
I don’t like the movie, but then the series ... NO I don’t like it ... I didn't even look


I think after this, Brownie Kuzya is in shock!

Dfhz Cjkjvrf
the book is better.. especially when it comes to new moon

Gilfan Dokhin
Shit look - do not respect yourself!

No! No! I don't like this kind of bullshit. Not a single acquaintance - a normal actor. I don't watch such films.

Yes. I won’t list the moments and episodes, it hurts a lot of them ....)

Series?))) Well, I didn’t watch, but I’m reading now. I sooo like it. Everything is described there!

Uh... Well... I'm sick of this Twilight! I haven't seen it and I don't want to! If it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't even know that there is such a movie!

Dorozhkina Irina

yeah) I liked the movie Pts!)) ) and I liked the episodes when Edward brought Bella to school, these students had such a reaction ..)))

Twilight was impressive. But the New Moon did not have any effect, in general, I did not like the new moon.

no/nothing/nothing!!! ! please have pity on us, stop terrorizing the project!!!! I'm crying...)))))))))

Anna Berg
my favorite episode is the biology lesson of course!!! ! And I love it when they play baseball! ! and I also like it when Ed drives a car with Bella when he saved her from hooligans, in general, I like everything everything)))

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