really, how many episodes of the twilight movie will there be?

 Tatyana Kovaleva
really, how many episodes of the twilight movie will there be?


Anton Zashchelkin
There are like 5 books in total! maybe 5 movies

Dona Rosa

Jacob of Wales
all parts of the book! too fucking fees!

Unknown Unknown
And what did they do from the Twilight series? O_o Oh God..

there are only 4 books, but maybe the fourth will be divided into two, because it is too long. I have read everything, I highly recommend!

Natalia Shesterikova
Probably as many as there are books. Like Harry Potter

5 movies 3 of them came out 2 left they say 4 movie dawn bulet divided into 2 parts if you can't wait to eat books))

stop writing.

four books, four films. there is no more material, the author has finished the cycle. Although they can (heard) the fourth book be divided into two parts, there are too many events for one film.

generally should be five. because the dawn will be divided into two parts

Olga Sudarenkova
the next part of the Breaking Dawn ... stretched as much as two episodes. In one, the wedding will be in the second about how Bella gave birth and became a vampire!

Yagafarov Dinus
if there are 5 books, then there should be 6 films in total, because cunning producers will come up with 6 parts of this nonsense)))

Nicole Ovor
well, vampires are immortal - the saga will also be endless%)

Ekaterina Veretnova
twilight, new moon, eclipse, dawn, midnight sun, velvet noon, 100 years later

A$Z <3
6 books, 5 movies (twilight, new moon, eclipse, dawn (1,2))...

two more - 2 parts of Dawn