why do people go crazy over the twilight movie???

why do people go crazy over the twilight movie???


Semakhina E.A.
because he is interesting, super cool, etc., etc. e)

I like it too. And what???

Kondraty Razumovsky
well, there is such a sweet vampire looking out from under the forehead

Daria Kupriyanova
two words - Lautner Patinson)

Alexey Dobarin
so I don’t understand, such mediocre crap. the storyline is primitive. Here is the "Green Mile" by Steven King, this is a movie

And who's crazy? I don't know them. But I like the film. Good casting, good acting, special effects and a good script. What else do you need?)))

Artyom Sochnev
Yes, he is some kind of womanish, in short, garbage

Everything is simple. If someone goes crazy, then exclusively young representatives of the fair sex. This is explained by the fact that the film shows romanticism, and romanticism is completely unrealistic. And what is missing in our modern cruel world, with a number exceeding a little less than infinity by young men, our young ladies? In general, I think everything became clear to you :)))

Across the Line
Yes, "Twilight" is mostly watched by people from 10 to 16 years old) ) It will pass later))) In general, they don't argue about tastes.

people tend to rush from one extreme to another and go crazy over something and "pour" boiling water

User deleted
for example, I don’t really like the movie itself, I only look at Pattison)

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