What is the Twilight movie? how many are there? I just got back from the army.

What is the Twilight movie? how many are there? I just got back from the army.


Andrey A.
typical snotty movie. don't waste your time

Roux Roux
don't worry) 1000000% woman movies

movie about vampires and werewolves. 3 parts. not bad!

Nonsense for naive girls and boys. From which they went crazy on the principle of "once everything is me."

Better not to know.

3 pieces of them .. I myself get confused in the names .. but the film is not very good (((.. snotty melodrama ..)))

Dasha Shaverina
a movie about how a vampire falls in love with a man; movie 4 parts

Tyler Durden
Movie twilight. Just a nice little fairy tale. The acting is average. Part three. Overall, the movie is an 8 out of 10.

Loki Lodur
returned from the army, then a grown man! I mean, you should not watch this snotty nonsense for children at all)))

bullshit for teens

Svetlana Arsentieva
Very good movie in 3 parts.

fairy tale

bullshit, not a movie!

It would be interesting if there was such a thing, but there is no such thing ... Forget about its existence, do not be distracted by snot

funny movie... 3 parts, twilight, new moon and a recently released eclipse, a film about a girl who met a guy, even two, and one turned out to be a vampire, and 2 werewolf, well, nothing, so you can watch the movie

Andrey Drobyshev
There, in short, the girl fell in love with a vampire, and other vampires wanted to kill her. Well, they defended her there and won. In the second part, that vampire abandoned her, and she found another werewolf. And there, some woman wanted to kill her again, and together they, a vampire and a werewolf, protected her from the woman. in short, nothing ended. And in the third, this evil woman gathered an army of vampires and wanted to kill all those vampires who defended the girl, but others called werewolves and defeated the evil ones, and that evil woman was also beaten. And the fourth one hasn’t been filmed yet, but I read that there will be some kind of garbage in the new series, even without fights. Generally snot

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