what do you think of the twilight movie?

what do you think of the twilight movie?
so I watched all the parts 100 times. only then a week I go darker than clouds. Bella and I are somewhat similar. they even often say to me, freeze, a copy of Kristen S. and how do you feel about him? answer.


Lina Panda
I like the movie Twilight =)

Alina Aristova
The film "once" ...)

peshkova elena
Yes, it’s okay, until the guest read it, it’s much more interesting, we’re waiting for the movie)))

Right after Bella, the question is, how do you feel about HIM ... ahah ... okay .... I can’t watch it many times .. but so ... I like it

sick bastard
I found it very logical to explain the success of this film from one American film critic: "Twilight" for teenage female audiences is the equivalent of a bad action movie for male audiences: we know that it is ridiculously stupid, but in it fights and explosions are all we like . so in "Twilight": it does not matter that none of the characters has a backstory, character or personal qualities; It doesn't matter that there are so many holes and inconsistencies in the plot that it looks like fishing nets in which a high-explosive shell burst - there are tears and kisses in the film, and heifers love it.

retired pioneer
Liked the movie! The cast of actors is amazing! But I'm not a fan and I'm not looking for similarities ... .

sashulechka konoval
I love;)

watched 1/4 of the movie didn't like it!

I like it, but I'm not their devoted fan

Sergey Yes

calmly, but if the premiere is close, then with fanaticism

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