Why do girls love the movie ''Twilight'' so much? I watched something not in one eye .. you can fall asleep

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 Alexander Savinkin
Why do girls love the movie ''Twilight'' so much? I watched something not in one eye .. you can fall asleep


You have to be a girl)) Yes, and they don’t like that) As a rule, school age)

Maria Tretyakova
not all girls. i dont like it at all

I think only teenagers like twilight....

Why? ? Not all. .

Not Bad
There are 2 reasons for this: - Robert Pattinson - Taylor Lautner

I am indifferent to this film. But I think that for others it is romantic. Film about love. That says it all.

personally, my sister likes robert patison (actor playing the main role), that's why she's watching!

Olivia Frazier
They are crazy about Robbert Pattinson. but not me, I'm not a little bit fond of this film, I don't watch it at all.

Alina and Alexander Zavyalov
two dudes play there ..., some are dragged from one, the rest from the other, and so the film in general is more about the "love triangle", and not about vampires.

Lena Nogina
Why???. Have you seen a werewolf there??)))) ) because of Jacob I watched it!! ! and so, yes .... boredom !!!! one hell of a love!!!! as if you are watching a melodrama, and not a saga about vampires .... Another thing is Blade .... a cool movie .... at least not boring

Yuko Ichihara
I'm also a girl, and I don't like twilight. Wash boredom mortal, and even with snot

And I really like it. I watched it for the first time on the first channel ... I liked it very much. The books are great too. And I would say that this is not only because of Robert Patinson .... There are other actors there and they are very good, the plot is cool, love and all that. And it's very good that there are no vampires who sleep in coffins, blood and bats.

Girls love not the movie, but Edward Cullen) As for the movie, the first part was quite tolerable. The next two were turned into comedies.

olya yes
Every girl dreams of such love and such a guy. Dreams of plunging into this fairy tale. Maybe someone does not like this film, but this film teaches people how to love and appreciate what you have despite all the difficulties.

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