How do you feel about the Twilight movie? How do you feel about the Twilight movie?

 Snezhana Goga
How do you feel about the Twilight movie? How do you feel about the Twilight movie?


I don't like this movie.

svetlana zarechnaya
sharply negative

s s
bad, bullshit

As far as I'm concerned, that's bullshit.

Aidana Akylbekova
The first part was great! But others not so much

I don’t like him very much (the topic of vampirism is complete stupidity, love-for me, this Bella doesn’t love Edward so much, she just wants to be a vampire, and how he left, she almost didn’t become a werewolf ... and in general, she doesn’t like pattison , I would be for a werewolf! he is generally the most normal there)

Maria Bakaeva
the farther the more painful

I only liked the first two parts.

Very good. Twilight is the coolest part of all 3 parts. Because his very sensual director filmed. The book is even better than the movie

I like))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Ekaterina Kirnosova
Em. . I didn't watch)


the ting tings

Sveta Sinitzina

The Queen
No way, I remember a fan, but after the release of the TV series The Vampire Diaries, I fell out of love with Twilight, after the diaries, I realized that in Twilight only werewolves are realistic, and vampires are horror, what kind of vampires are without fangs, and they don’t have fangs, therefore they are not vampires, but people with the periphery (like that's what the disease is called). Alice and Jake are the most normal in the saga

Evgenia Limanova
Before that, they liked it, but yesterday I came to a friend, and she watches Twilight, stares enthusiastically. After that I was disappointed. Did I look like that too? ! Watch "Interview with the Vampire"

Dila Musquan
This is the most beautiful, best and favorite movie for me) But books are better!)

Twilight is a decent movie. I liked it, but I didn't want to watch the sequel.

Anyutka Agurchik
It's a bad film, but you don't need to make a cult of actors, it spoils the film's reputation, in my opinion.

Fabric Fiber
I only like some actors


...TaniuSha S.o.L.N.c.e...
positively. the films were well shot, maybe even without them the books would not have become popular)