Tell me the series

 Inna Berezhnaya
Tell me the series
Prompt a good youth series similar to Pretty Little Liars, Black Lagoon Boarding School, Closed School, Knowledge Tower, Valmont's Twilight.


Roma Markov

Eternal Call. Just right for the youth.

the abode of Anubis, although the series is children's and pop, it is still a little intriguing, there are Dregs. In general, better look at House, White Collar ... they are better)

the vampire diaries, supernatural, gossip girl

Youth? This would probably fit: - 90210: The Next Generation - Gossip Girl - Supernatural - The Secret Circle (season 1 airing starting September 15th) - The Vampire Diaries - Hellcats - Grey's Anatomy - Glee (or Losers) - The Big Bang Theory - Chuck - The Hill one tree - Rebellious spirit