Are there shows like Buffy, The Vampire Diaries?

 Lilechka Mertsalova
Are there shows like Buffy, The Vampire Diaries?
Buffy really liked the series as a child. The vampire diaries - not interested, the actors are somehow not charismatic, the plot is boring. Are there any series for girls of this genre yet? (Twilight is not necessary)


Moonlight, Dollhouse, True Blood

Yes, I love the moonlight too! and in the summer I watched the Charmed Ones with pleasure))

Ira Dorozhkina

Kristi-anna Gurkova
The Secret Circle and

Olivia Frazier
Angel Blood Bond Supernatural Infused Blood Moonlight Gate Be Human Blade Vampire Clan Fae/Lost Secret of Blood Hunger

Elena Gilbert
real blood enchanted (there about witches) split secret blood

Alexander Nikromechenko
I advise you Supernatural An excellent series that I have been watching since 2005 and looking forward to each new episode ... The plot is very simple guys travel the world and kill all evil spirits and every time they have new obstacles that they overcome, most likely the 11th season is the last .. although I would honestly be happy to watch this picture for another 10 years or more. The supernatural can be seen here if you like series of this type, then you will definitely like this series.