why did most girls become addicted to the movie twilight?

 Miziev Juliet
why did most girls become addicted to the movie twilight?


Because fools!

LaLa Fa
I'm in the minority :)

gfhgh gfh
they have no taste in movies

Nadezhda Podkhomutova
Come on girls, I have men friends "sitting")))))))))))))))

Yes, everyone forgot about him!

Sasha Stulova
each to your taste and color)

And how it manifests itself in them. Interesting.

Victoria Bondarenko
Love story + cute cast. I personally never liked this movie, they ruined the book and that's it.

well, the majority!

Olivia Frazier
I can't stand Twilight at all. The Vampire Diaries is the best.

I think it's all the fault of that handsome vampire - Edward) handsome and even what he can do!

Anna Ivanova
Well, I don't think so. I'm so sick of this movie. I looked at one part in excerpts and don’t want to anymore) Everyone says that beautiful love and other snot)

I don't understand myself. how can you watch it and even love it.

Kat Kat
they don’t understand movies, maybe they’re stupid ...

A. A.
pfft that was 100 years ago!

Natalya Revenkova
It's definitely not me

Tamara Tuguz
I don't understand what's wrong with that.

Marina Komissarova
fell in love with Robert Pattinson

Nastya Malinovskaya
As correctly noted, these many are a little blunt.

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