Do you like Twilight movies?

Do you like Twilight movies?
Twilight Twilight. Saga. New Moon Twilight. Saga. Eclipse Twilight. Saga: Breaking Dawn (2 parts)


White Inquisitor
No! Whoever made this film is a servant of Lucifer (Devil)!

Irina Savina
No. Yes, and the topic is already extremely hackneyed!

Nick Redfield
Now everyone is talking about divergents, what kind of Twilight is there ...

Aesopian language
I don’t know, I really liked it, I watched it a couple of times! Very interesting story and concept! In my opinion, the film with the participation of vampires and werewolves (wolves) turned out to be very kind, sincere and of high quality!

Yes, but they took it too long in my opinion.

I like it :)