What conclusion did you draw after watching the movie "Twilight"?

 *Super Vasya*
What conclusion did you draw after watching the movie "Twilight"?


Alicia Rodriguez
that book is better!

Even without looking, I have already concluded that they are not worth watching.

nearby-lying in bed THIS (he) is complete shit)))

Alexander ***
don't watch it anymore

The film is a brilliant adaptation of the book. Everything was perfect: both the acting, the staging, and the characters themselves leave a lot of positive emotions. But it is worth reading the book to make sure that Kristen Stewart did not show the real Bella, she showed her feelings very realistically, but her character contradicts the book, but this does not change the impression.

Beaver Angry
After the first part, there were thoughts - The plot is slag, The actors are mediocre and wooden, and why is everyone so hard on him ?? ? Then I decided not to watch the rest of the parts ...

Inna Isaeva
Cool movie. Conclusion - love can overcome everything!

The film is interesting, well filmed, but the books are also excellent and make you think a lot.

I realized that I have not been 16 for a long time, so I should not like such films (as well as actors from them).

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