How do you feel about the Twilight movie? new moon

 Love Faith
How do you feel about the Twilight movie? new moon


Galina Ponomareva
I like!!!

| Derry |

Nastyushka Nikolaeva
Positive... Yes very....

I don’t like this kind of films at all, I watched the first part, I’m sorry, but how everyone speaks about him like fuck it, I wasn’t impressed at all !!!

Zhanalieva Gulyanda
The first one was the best! Fan of The Vampire Diaries!!!

very good))))) but the books are much better !!!!)))))))))

Natalia Tetroeva
I haven't watched a single movie, and I don't even want to watch it

I like. But before watching, I thought that there would be more vampirism.

all the reviews that I heard were sooo negative, and judging by the screenshots, this is glamorous gothic, you can’t trust women to shoot such films ... made clearly for the audience

katya frost
the first part was still nothing, and the second seemed to be sucked out of the finger, just horror (((((((((((

4ertenOK =)
The film isn't bad. A good story about something that will never happen in real life))