Advise a SERIES or a fantastic film about love, maybe about vampires.

 Alsu Sabirkhanova
Advise a SERIES or a fantastic film about love, maybe about vampires.
Already watched Secrets of Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, Moonlight, Twilight. What else is there like this? PS I liked Starship Troopers too. And if it's not difficult, then give a brief description pliz))))) THANKS TO ALL


Ksenia Minakova
Let me in Twelve-year-old Oscar lives in a small village near Stockholm. During the day he is ridiculed and patiently endures humiliating kicks and slaps, but at night he dreams of revenge. Brought up without a father, Oskar, having slipped away from his mother's supervision, describes in colors in a notebook the ingenious and ruthless murders of his offenders. On paper, he ties people up, breaks their necks, and sucks the blood out of them. He also practices throwing knives in the backyard. But one night he meets a girl named Eli. She is his new roommate. The two outcasts instantly become friends, Eli teaches Oscar courage, and Oscar awakens her thirst for love. But Eli, alas, this is not enough - she is tormented by a thirst for blood. The last vampire Film based on the famous Japanese manga. A vampire working for the government is sent to a special school and discovers that one of the students is a demon in disguise. The story of a vampire. The original title was Freak Circus (since the film is an adaptation of a book by Daren Sheng). Darren was an ordinary schoolboy, but one day he went to a night performance in the circus of freaks ... Met with Madame Octu ... Faced with the ghost of the night. . Darren soon finds himself in a deadly trap. Salvation is possible, but a bloody deal must be made... Director of the American Dream and American Pie, the adaptation of the first part of the vampire saga from the famous horror master Daren Shan. Graves, claws and other vampire stuff should not disappoint fans of evil spirits. Real blood. Series American series about vampires. The plot is based on the books of the famous writer Charlene Harris. In terms of popularity, the books have been compared to Stephenie Meyer's vampire saga. Events unfold in the suburbs of New Orleans. Since the Japanese invented synthetic blood, vampires have no longer needed to kill mere mortals. Two years ago, vampires left their coffins and officially declared their rights. But as usual, not all people were ready for this, and not all vampires were happy to give up the usual delicacy. Sookie Stackhouse, an ordinary waitress from a suburban cafe, endowed with the ability to read the thoughts of others, meets the "good" vampire Bill Compton. And immediately acquires a lot of enemies from the "bad guys".


True Blood Angel Blood Ties /level/1/film/394049/ Twilight in Valmont Gate Split : Mystery of blood

veronika lukyanova
"Supernatural" or "The Vampire Diaries"