Who thinks about the Twilight movie?

 Natalya Kulakova
Who thinks about the Twilight movie?


Veronica Konelska
You can watch, but it's for teenagers

I watched the first part in rewind. In general, I don't think about it at all.

Nastya Guys
I think it's normal, but for those who like something fantastic along with romance))

floranne_ .
ghouls are advancing

Vitus Verdegast
I haven't seen this movie, so I don't think anything about it.

complete bullshit

Beatiful lady
A "love" story between a hyena and a steak.

Sandra Galitskaya
You can watch movies like this, but once, the TV series The Vampire Diaries is better, this is a TV series like this TV series

Big Muzzy
I liked the first movie, to be honest. . the second film - did not like the third at all - the fourth is more or less watchable - disgusting!

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