How do you like the movie "Twilight 2: New Moon"?

How do you like the movie "Twilight 2: New Moon"?


Anatoly Kargapolov
Nonsense. Nonsense is complete.

got... x_x

mmm i love twilight... the new moon is of course not very interesting, but the third part, dawn, promises to be exciting!

Vladislav Leonov
Did not watch

Nikolai Chupin
bullshit for kids

Natalia Kharitonova
Of course, the first part is better, the second, as for me, is the intro before the 3rd part, but in general, not bad special effects were not bad, but I hope that the next parts will be even better, ..))


och like it

Anya Sirko
bueeeeee what is the first part what is the second

I liked the movie. Although "Twilight", of course, turned out to be more romantic, but in the second there is a lot of action and action. And "New Moon" is filmed much closer to the book than "Twilight". And in my opinion, there are good directorial finds that are not in the book. But, to be honest, I still don't understand how the director of "American Pie" could be admitted to the Twilight Saga :)))