look. Tell me if anyone knows who will choose Bela cheerard or Jakeba in part 3 and will she become a vampire? (Twilight movie)

 alan zolev
look. Tell me if anyone knows who will choose Bela cheerard or Jakeba in part 3 and will she become a vampire? (Twilight movie)


first Jacob, then Edward. like. well, in short, she and edward will have a daughter in part 4, they will call her rinesmee

Izida Izida
SHE will become a vampire, choose Edward and even marry him and give birth to a daughter.

In love with the rain
Bella will become a vampire in part 4)))))

She will choose Edward, they will just be friends with Jacob, although Jacob will kiss her in part 3. Bella will marry Edward in part 4

And my daughter will grow very fast. Jacob falls in love with her. Read a book.

in the third part, they will hunt Victoria; and in the fourth she chooses Edward, they get engaged and Bella gets pregnant. And when she gives birth, Edward will make her a vampire. And Jacob will fall in love with Bella's daughter, because she is growing up very fast. and at the end there will be a battle against the Volturi. 1-Twilight 2-Twilight. Saga. New moon. 3-Twilight. Saga. Eclipse 4-Twilight. Saga. Dawn, but it seems to be divided into two parts.

hardly a year....

Anastasia Buzinova
In the fourth part, Bella marries Edward. On her honeymoon on Esme Island, Bella suddenly realizes that she is pregnant. Edward is shocked. He worries about his lover and makes arrangements with Carlisle to bring them home and "fix" the problem (we'll get "it" out of you). Bella understands that she cannot resist, but she fell in love with her unborn child so much that she turned to Rosalie for help. Together they looked after Bella. The child had sucked almost all the strength out of her. Jacob is always there for her and supports her. Bella hopes that there will be a boy and even came up with the name AJ (Edward-Jacob). Jacob leaves the pack to protect Bella, as a breach of the pact with the vampires is imminent and a war between vampires and werewolves is imminent. Bella is having a baby girl. During childbirth, because there was a lot of blood, Rosalie breaks down and attacks Bella, but Jacob and Alice take her away. Bella almost dies but Edward injects her with his poison directly into her heart and she becomes a vampire. The girl was named Renesme (Rene + Esme + Esme). Jacob is pictured with Renesmee. It turns out that Renesmee was the reason Bella and Jacob fell in love. Now they are just friends. But when Bella finds out that Jacob is imprinted with Renesmee, she rushes at him, but then they reconcile. Bella doesn't have the complicated adjustments to being a vampire, and she also has a power, Bella's shield. And she can project it onto others. That is, now they are not afraid of either Jane or Alec. This will help them a lot in their future fight against the Volturi....

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