What is the name of this piece? (Genre)

 Ilyusha Pavlyuk
What is the name of this piece? (Genre)
People love to eat shit. People are used to eating shit. They enjoy eating the waste products of life. This is manifested everywhere: in music, in cinema, in literature, in modern humor. For example: The highest grossing film is Avatar. Avatar is not a movie, but complete garbage. The plot is banal, the characters are typical, but on the other hand, SPICE EFFECTS and a cool TRIDE. In music, Nicki Minaj, Nyusha, Dan Balan, Riana, Stas Mikhailov and the never-fading star named Tsoi are very popular now. I won't say anything here. In literature, popular are: "Dukhles", "Ze Chicks" and other slag from Minaev, "Twilight" and "Fifty Shades of Grey", for example. In general, if the title of the book contains the words: Pickup, Sex, Stalker, Metro, Relationships, Bestseller, Money, Dick, Shit and space, then the book will be sold simply by a fucking circulation. It is very easy to talk about modern humor, just look at the number of subscribers of certain publics. For example, "What the fuck!?" - 1,500,000 subscribers, "iFace" - 3,000,000 subscribers, Ifeed - 2,500,000 subscribers. That's fucked up. When did the consumption bar drop SO low? When did the Transformers movie and its sequels get good? When will Viktor Tsoi learn how to mute the strings, how to put on akors and sing normally? When did people start considering Noise MC as a good musician? When did words on the background of pictures become a substitute for jokes? When did jokes stop existing? When did keywords start to be used instead of humor (228, dzhigurda, etc.)? When people stopped watching the comedies of the Coen brothers, but "Papa-Dosvidos" is fucking hilarious, there the guy hammers his teacher. When did Misfits become a funny show? When did "Suicide Silence" start being considered music? When did the comedy club become funny? When did Bodrov become a great actor? When did we start eating shit with such pleasure? And we ask for more. We need more shit! And we are all shit eaters. With no exceptions.


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