Tell me a movie or series (preferably) about werewolves. Not Twilight^^ Thanks in advance :3

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Tell me a movie or series (preferably) about werewolves. Not Twilight^^ Thanks in advance :3


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The Gates

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Wolf Lake (TV series) Among us there are those who live between the world of wolves and the world of people. People call them werewolves. An unremarkable small town near Seattle, Washington, is a closed community of half-humans, half-wolves who live away from the outside world. Being Human (TV series, USA, Canada) The series tells about three neighbors: a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost. The vampire isn't very successful without humans, the werewolf is tormented by her full moon transformations, and the ghost is a slightly odd, eccentric creature. Werewolf/Teen Wolf (TV series) The series revolves around a young lacrosse player named Scott McCall. One night, he wandered through the woods looking for a corpse and was attacked by a werewolf. He managed to escape with only a small bite. But a little later, he began to notice some changes in himself. Hemlock Grove. (TV series) The events of the series unfold in the small American town of Hemlock Grove, whose inhabitants find the bitten corpse of a young girl. They understand that an unprecedented force has appeared in the city in the face of werewolves. Will the people of Hemlock Grove be able to cope with the infection? Blood and chocolate. (film) A modern werewolf girl, one of those who prefer blood to chocolate, falls in love with a mortal man. Her love is doomed to failure in advance, because she cannot be completely frank with her lover, and is forced to lead a double life. But sooner or later, everything secret becomes clear ... And then she will have to choose between family happiness and her second essence.

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The series "Teen Wolf", "Wolf Blood" For me, "Teen Wolf" is better))

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