Does what is happening in Moscow remind you of the film "The Mist"?

Does what is happening in Moscow remind you of the film "The Mist"?


Just a week ago, a new, dramatic, exciting film was released - the catastrophe Mgla 2. Directed by Medvedev-Putin; screenwriters S Shoigu, B. Gromov, Yu. Luzhkov and other associates. The main roles are ordinary residents of Moscow and the central part of Russia.

Tatiana Matveeva
I haven't watched the movie "Mist", but what's going on here in Moscow definitely resembles some kind of disaster movie!! ! It's getting scary...

tiger sapiens
King wouldn't have thought of that.

A small difference - the monsters have already dumped from the city (Kremlin), people will die from suffocation, and not from being eaten by monsters.

Coffeeexpert cortenoir
you are the characters of the films and not real people, only the films are changing right now in August there will be the last film - the end of the downs is called ..

Leni Riefenstahl
Rather, the game "Sillent Hill" .... Especially since the kids in the south-east of Moscow play it in the evenings! Did not hear? I'll tell you! Here comes a man in the evening, returning home from work. It's getting dark, and because of the smoke, visibility is generally nasty ... And suddenly - BAM! Blow to the forehead! Forehead broken, blood... The man falls to his knees... The knees are also broken... . And he hears children's laughter and the clatter of children running away... It was they who came up with the game for themselves .... Sillent Hill is called. They pull out, in the darkness, a branch of a tree, and when a person comes up, they let it go ... These are the toys of the kids ....