I want to watch a movie on any of the topics: ...

I want to watch a movie on any of the topics: ...
1) Life on earth after the disappearance of people 2) Disaster films (natural disasters, such as: volcano, the day after tomorrow ...) 3) Films about love (for example, "It's time now") 4) Series like this: They were mixed up in the hospital. 5) About Vampires: Do not offer The Vampire Diaries, Twilight and Dark Shadows. 6) Horrors like Paranormal activity ... Recommend a movie or some kind of serial. Please write the name and next to which type it belongs. Thank you very much =)


Lesya Dotsenko
Child of darkness. This is a mystical thriller a bit creepy. And the ending is just awesome!

from 1 point - I am a legend, the best series in my opinion is Game of Thrones, about vampires - Dracula with Leslie Nielsen), and from horror - Astral 1 part. 2nd came out in October but did not watch

Artem Kaptyug
Look I'm a legend about zombies but not very scary but exciting or caliber is also a normal movie

cool movie - Mermaid from the abyss. Genre: horror.

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